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Rial Producciones - Music & Record - Sínce 1978 Rial Producciones - Music & Record - Sínce 1978

31 Reasons to choose us


Because we are the pioneers; 43 years of experience and 1.000.000 customers all over the world guarantee our work.


Because since 1978 we compose either cover versions or our own and unpublished pieces of music.


Because we have created hundreds of jingles and soundtracks for movies, television programmes, theatre plays and radio networks all over the world.


Because we are not a “Ghost” or virtual company; we are a real one which is shown to everyone. Our website shows our legal address and telephone numbers where you can clear out your doubts and inquiries, visit us and solve any inconvenient.


Because our main concern is to give solutions to all our customers, in the nice and professional way they deserve; our job is finished once our customer is absolutely satisfied with it.


Because in our General Catalogue you will find over 110.000 Professional Tracks to sing all Musical Genres, with real instruments and choirs.


Because that track we do not have will be exclusively composed for you.


Because you will be able to ask for our musical tracks in the key that you wish.


Because in order to differentiate from other singers, you will be able to choose among several versions of the same musical track.


Because we work either for professional or amateur singers with the same passion.


Because for those singers who may require we have Vocal Coaches (Singing Teachers) to adjust the correct tonality and guide them in the interpretation.


Because our work is absolutely guaranteed, even if you mistook the key of the track required, we would send you again a new track in the corresponding key, free from charge.


Because each one of our musical tracks are orchestrated by our Staff of Musicians. For that reason you will be able to use them with whole freedom during your public performances or training sessions.


Because our payment methods are the safest ones in market.


Because you do not have a minimum purchase.


Because you will be able to apply for the corresponding Licenses to record your voice or musical instrument over the tracks, and compose your own CD, saving time and money in musicians’ fees and recording studio hours, and therefore having the possibility to launch your CD to every record shop in a legal and safe way.


Because as our musical tracks are open (multisession) you will be able to ask them with the kind of mix that you may wish.


Because we can adjust the time and speed that you may need.


Because as soon as your payment is received we send either your track to be downloaded from our server or an audio CD by mail.


Because as we have our own servers, our mp3 deliveries are in 320kps. (minimum compression – maximum resolution) or WAV (audio).


Because other immediate delivery companies deliver in 128 or 192kps, and this fact makes the track lose quality for its great compression.


Because our Musical Tracks can be used either to sing or to play any musical instrument (backing tracks), due to the fact that we can mute any channel.


Because we have producers and creative professionals specially qualified for the performance of your musical production.


Because we have a Staff of 60 well known musicians and arrangers, choir singers, two recording studios with the highest technology, headed by highly experienced Sound Engineers and Technicians to assist you with the recording and mastering of your production.


Because our Legal Affairs Department gives advice for free on grounds of SADAIC, AADI, CAPIFF, BIEM taxes, Phono Mechanic Rights, Copyright, songs registration, etc.


Because our Art and Design Department will help you in the design of your CD images, photography, outfit and video clips.


Because our Musical and Disco Graphic Producers will lead you into your artistic career and will give you advice on the National and International market features.


Because at present we have the best prices in market to duplicate your CD or DVD.


Because we have over 40.000 copyrights over original songs.


Because the most important companies rely on us with their musical productions.


Because we love what we do, we ask you to enter this page to listen to some of our works; we know comparisons are hateful, but sometimes necessary.

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Roberto Rial Producciones - Buenos Aires - Argentina