You will receive in your email an e-mail that will say in the subject: has sent you files with WeTransfer



1 .- Click on "Download your files" or on Get your files or on Download link, they will take you to the same place.




2.- Once you enter, you will see to the right of each track, an image of a blue-colored magnifying glass, if you click on the magnifying glass you can download one to 320 kkps mp3 format. (You will see below on the right a button that says "Download File"




If instead of clicking on the magnifying glass it is done in "Download", the whole order will be downloaded in a .zip file or. Then you have to

unzip with one of these programs and you will get all the tracks in the same quality mp3 320 kkps.




You can download your order as many times as you wish for 30 days, after that time your order will expire automatically and can no longer be activated.

We recommend making a copy of your order in other support outside your P.C. (Pendrive, CD, Dvd, etc), after the 30 days of download, we can no longer charge them for free, you would have to make a new order and a new payment.


The tracks are sent to the tone or vocal register that you requested, but if you later want other tones, you have to make a new purchase in the tone you want, remember that each track in each tone is a different product.